The Fishing Tragics now on Youtube.

Yes, The Fishing Tragics are expanding our content and exposure.  We’ve got so much stuff from past adventures and trips that to get it out and into the wide world of the web we have started our Fishing Tragics on YouTube Pages.

They are as much for our enjoyment as for yours.  We will be uploading old videos and learning technology as we go in an attempt to improve our skills and produce interesting blogs. Please bear with us.  We are old and this is all new to us, but with practice we will get better and hopefully our videos and content will get more and more interesting.

True enough, our bumbling around in these early days may be more interesting for the laugh factor, but our message should get clearer. Hopefully.

Anyway, here is our link, (as well as the small links at the top right hand corner of each of our pages):-

The Fishing Tragics on YouTube –



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