So, about me…

What can I say to give you any idea about me?  Probably the best place to start is that I was born.  For those interested, it was at Maitland Hospital, some time ago. I am an “Old Boy” from Maitland High and although I have spent some time away from the Hunter, this place has moulded me and made me into the crotchety old man I have become.

Now to some I’m not old, but they say that age is a state of mind and my mind has seen and done enough to age beyond the years that it has been active in my head.  Having been a husband and father of 6, mostly human, children has been a big part of the age related situation.

I’m both ahead of my time and living in the past.  They say that this next generation will have many jobs in different areas and roles – been there, done that, still doing it. I’m also an amateur Historian and love to study the past, recent and ancient.  They say that those who do not remember the past are doomed to repeat it…well I’m doing my best to not repeat the mistakes from the past, while still being human enough to admit I do it all the time.

My views have been accused of being pragmatic, stoic, feminist, misogynistic, atheist, theist, technological, Luddite, sporting, sedentary – in short, contradictory. I revel in being able to stir and irritate til a pearl is produced, hopefully. Don’t become complacent with how you think I am as I will either disappoint or shock and will be happy to do both.

So, for those willing to take the ride, here we go!

SOG and 51cm Bream
ABU and 51cm Bream

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