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Over the years I’ve had quite a few opportunities to visit some stunning, inspiring and very fishable locations. Sharing those experiences is exactly what The Fishing Tragics is all about. So to that end I’ve spent, (way too much), time getting together some photos of these places and experiences to make them accessible to the world by creating our very own Google Photos Albums to share.

Please remember that these are, in almost all cases, photos I have taken myself, (Copyright). Or they have been shared by those who have experienced the places and times with me. Regardless of the subject matter, or who may be seen in them, they are all deeply personal. They form the memories that make up who I am. This is exactly as it should be and is the crux of what I am hoping this site will do for your life. It should inspire you to go out and create your very own memories and experiences that you can carry with you everywhere.

Some of the shared Google Photos Albums are about places. Some about subjects and topics. Others about conquests. Still others, about the environment I experienced along the journey. All are linked to events that bring back good thoughts and incite me to make more. I genuinely hope they do so for you, too.

The Album of “Our Catches” only contains photos of the catches we have returned back to the water for catch and release. I have lots of photos of the fish I’ve brought home to eat. Accordingly, those images of dead fish, with changes in attitudes and rules for bag limits and sizes, means that many of these images are no longer appropriate. I still love to eat fish and always will but don’t expect images here of those fish.

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