South Coast Exploration -Part 1 St Georges Basin

As a retired gentleman with time on my side and a passion for fishing, it was time to explore the south coast of New South Wales. So after a little bit of planning and a long hard look at google maps, I decided to leave the Hunter and venture south. […]

Fishing Gear Test : Gliss fishing line.

Eager to try any new product that will help with my fishing experience, I recently purchased some 8lb Gliss line from Anglers Warehouse ( ). The manufacturers World Fishing Tackle describe gliss as it looks like mono but has exceptional diameter-to-breaking strength ratios and has three times less stretch than […]

Which is the best Soft Plastic?

Over the years I have seen and used many soft plastics. Some with success and many with little or no success. So what is the best soft plastic? I can say that I  have a few that are my go too lures. I have tried literally hundreds of them and […]