South Coast Exploration – Part 2. Jervis Bay & Moona Moona Creek.

Second day of the exploration of the New South Wales South Coast some cloud and a bit of wind, but what an area to explore. Decided to head over from Sanctuary Point to have a look at the Jervis Bay and Huskisson area. First stop was the main beach on the […]

Fishing Gear Test : Gliss fishing line.

Eager to try any new product that will help with my fishing experience, I recently purchased some 8lb Gliss line from Anglers Warehouse ( ). The manufacturers World Fishing Tackle describe gliss as it looks like mono but has exceptional diameter-to-breaking strength ratios and has three times less stretch than […]

Fishing Gear Test: Blackfish reel (South Pacific CP475)

The South Pacific float reel is a premier float style reel that stands alongside the best centre pin reels produced worldwide. Price to buy on eBay or other sites is between $139 – $169. Precision 100% aerospace bar stock aluminum frame standing 4.75″ with 4.5″ diameter spool available in Dark-Gunmetal or Classic Black. Finished in […]