The Fishing Tragics

Welcome to the wonderful world of tragic, Aussie, opinionated, Fishermen!

The Fishing Tragics.

Why “Fishing Tragics”, I hear you not forced to ask.  Well, according to our families, saying we are tragic men is a redundant statement.

So, here you will find the musings of these old experienced men who occasionally find ourselves near water attempting to part the piscatorial residents from their liquid residence. There will no doubt be a lot of posts about fishing and quite a lot that are just plain tragic, but the aim as always is to entertain and enlighten.

We are united by our love of fishing, having fun and our opinions. That is to say, our opinions are not always united, just the veracity of them.  So as a warning to the unwary, don’t go looking for unambiguous, united, statements from us all – unless it is to back the oft quoted creed from Voltaire that we often “do not agree with what you have to say, but will defend to the death your right to say it.”

Three fishermen fixing the world, one tragic issue at a time.
Tragic, Aussie, fishermen fixing the world, one issue at a time.