Southport , Tasmania

At the end of the Huon Highway, south of Hobart is the tiny village of southport. Southport has a very long concrete jetty that is used by a lot of the lobster industry boats to offload their catch. The jetty runs out in Deephole Bay for about 250metres and offers great fishing opportunities if you are landbased. Also around the bay are multiple beaches and rock platforms. A short drive along Kingfish Beach Road, to Jagers Bay shows off the awesome views and beautiful location. There are mulitple places around to free camp and enjoy this pristine location. A view out through the bay is straight into the Great Southern Ocean.


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Whilst at the jetty, I managed to have a great fishing time. Caught well in exccess of 20 flathead in no time. Although the flathead down there are similar to our duskies, the size is smaller but they were just there in great numbers. All I was using was a light bream gear outfit throwing some zman 2.5 inch grubz in bloodworm and watermelon red. Much to the disgust of the locals, who were not catching much, I practised catch and release for all but three fish. Those three fish were gobbled by the local petrel that thought my fish were his/her dinner. She managed to grab and eat three whole flathead whilst I was there. The locals of course were critical of me feeding the bird.

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Just as I was leaving and a cold wind blew in from the southern ocean, I found this cute little coffe stand in the middle of nowhere, outstanding hot chocolate and local food.


Tight lines and full tummies,


The Padawan




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