Tasmania Redfin


Recently , The Padawan, of the Fishing Tragics,  was on holiday in Tasmania, he just happened to have packed a spin rod and reel. Of course there are so many nice steams, rivers and brooks as part of inland Tassie, that throwing a lure just seemed the right thing to do. So whilst there I cast a lure into a number of beautiful pristine waterways. Although hooking several trout, never managed to land a decent sized on. On the other hand just about every stream,  crreek and fresh water river I tried I found they were lousy with Redfin. When I say lousy, I mean in some locations it was a fish every throw. What I did not realise was that to most Tasmanias, these are a prized eating fish. Here is me throwing back  20 redfin a day, not knowing that I could have made my hosts very happy people, if I had filleted them and took them as a gift. Anyway, most of stay was with airbnb, and after a week, I started asking my hosts if they would like some refin fillets. All of them replied yes please.


So the dilemma I have, the English Perch/Redfin is a pest species, but eats beautifully and I feel that I am helping the envrionment, by removing them from the waterways. What do you guys out there think?


The photos below are of the redfin and some of the waterways I found them in. They are of the Ringarooma River near Derby which is on the north east tablelands, The Prosser River near Buckland on the south east plains, the River Forth near Palooma on the north west tablelands, the Gawler River near Gawler on the north west tablelands and the Meander River near Egmont.


Heres a clue for you guys who just happened to put in a little spin rod and a few packets of plastic, all the redfin were caught on the Zman 2.5 inch grubz in Watermelon Red colour.


Redfin near Deloraine (Medium)

Redfin Meander River (Medium)


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