Shallow water fishing – You can catch more fish

Shallow Water Fishing

The Tragics are devotees of shallow water fishing. We fish the estuaries from Lake Macquarie to Jumpinpin in Queensland.  In all those estuaries, we have proven that fishing the shallow water flats is far more productive than chasing fish in the deeper water. Yes there are times when it is […]

Most recreational anglers are true conservationists.

Over the fifty or more years I have fished, I truly believe that most recreational fishers are true conservationists. Let’s be real here, it is very rare that anyone bags out on a particular species these days. In fact, the new rules for bag limits, myself and the other tragics […]

Dusky Flathead on the Clarence River.

As usual the Fishing Tragics were on another Pilgrimage to the Clarence River, Iluka, northern NSW. It was as usual, a beautiful week in late July. We have found that the weather seems to be the most stable at this time of the year. And contrary to the locals information, […]